Rapid Rehousing Rapid Rehousing

Alpha Project's Rapid Re-Housing Program provides rental assistance and security deposits as well as landlord advocacy, assistance with finding affordable housing and case management assistance to families and/or individuals who are homeless with the goal of moving them into permanent housing.

The Rapid Re-Housing Program provides both financial and case management assistance in a regular manner, consistent with their individual needs.

Alpha Project’s team of experienced housing navigators and case managers regularly engage with clients, providing hands on assistance for those seeking to end their homelessness by providing emergency financial assistance, as well establishing structure for those who have secured housing after entering our Program. Our team is committed to creating an individual and unique strategy for each client, personalized to reflect their specific goals for remaining successfully housed and stabilized in the community.

Alpha Project has worked extensively to recruit landlord cooperation, as well as foster and cultivate relationships which produce additional housing resources for the homeless in San Diego County.