Winter Shelter Program

Each year the City of San Diego and the Housing Commission fund emergency homeless shelters during the winter months as part of its Comprehensive Homeless Policy.  Alpha Project began operating the Single Adult Emergency Shelter in 1996.

The shelter is located at 16th Street and Newton Ave and operates from mid-November through the end of March, providing shelter and services to over 1,000 men and women.  Last year 44% of those served were over 50 years old and over 60% of the residents suffered from a disability including mental illness, physical disabilities, and/or other chronic illnesses.

Although the primary focus of the Winter Shelter Program is to shelter participants from the elements during the coldest and wettest period of the year, the program also offers a comprehensive blend of services to assist participants to establish their own self sufficiency.  More than 20 different partner organizations including private agencies, government departments, civic organizations and religious groups work closely with Alpha Project staff to deliver basic services.  Services offered at the Winter Shelter include providing meals and personal hygiene supplies, case management, medical and counseling services, employment assistance and housing assistance.

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