Residential Treatment

Casa Raphael is Alpha Project’s state-licensed residential drug and alcohol treatment program for homeless and formerly incarcerated men. Through Casa Raphael, Alpha Project is able to provide men who have encountered drug and alcohol addictions with the treatment they need to overcome these addictions, and also provide them with the job training in order to transition them back into the workforce.  Casa Raphael is a three step program over a 9 – 12 month period.

Step 1:

This step focuses on recovery workshops, daily journaling, case management, mental health counseling, primary and dental health care, and assistance with addressing legal and financial issues. This step lasts roughly three months and the men are provided food and housing.

Step 2:

This step focuses on advancing employment skills by adding additional support that includes job training in one of four areas:
Maintenance Crew (Contract with the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services)
Special Projects, Clean Ups and Graffiti Removal in collaboration with the City of Vista
Take Back the Streets/Special Projects Crew
Casa Property Crew (security, drivers, catering department, etc…)

Step 3:

This step focuses on the successful transition of program participants into the workforce. In this phase, participants enter into the community to locate permanent full-time employment. Clients participate in recovery and reside at Casa, but their responsibilities increase as clients save a minimum of 30% of each paycheck for their savings and 30% of their paycheck for rent. Casa Raphael clients are ready to graduate once they save $1,500 and meet all of their goals which are identified by each client and their counselor.

For more information about Casa Raphael, please call (760) 630-9922. You may also contact Jason Rodriguez, Director of Alcohol and Drug Services at